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Mixing & Mastering

Track Mastering € 50,-
Stem Mastering € 75,-
Mixing and Mastering € 150,-

Please contact us if you have multiple tracks or would like to master a EP / Album.

* Prices are per track.
* All mastered files include a digital and streaming version in 16 and 24 Bit.
* Dedicated master for Apple Music / Spotify included.

Production Upgrade

Production Upgrade Standard € 195 ,-
Production Upgrade Advanced € 295 ,-

All individual audio stems will be carefully checked and adjusted to meet the highest quality possible.

In addition to the ‘Standard Upgrade’ elements are replaced, grooves are corrected, elements replayed and more complex issues are fixed.

* Both options gives you a fully mixed and mastered track, we also provide adjustments to the production to meet Streaming, Radio and Extended requirements.

* To get the best possible result we connect to talk goals and determine the right choices of sound for your production.

Teaching Online

Lesson pakkage 1 Hour € 80,-
Lesson pakkage 2 Hours € 150,-
Lesson pakkage 3 Hours € 200,-

* Lessons are given in Studio One, Logic Pro or Ableton Live

(courses from starting producers to advanced producers)

Mixing & Mastering

Professionally mixed and mastered countless songs in various genres over the past 20 years!

Over Two Decades Of Studio Work

Teaching, ghost producing, composing for radio, television and making bigger than life show intro’s for our partners

100% Satisfaction

Anything you’d like to revise? let us know, we want 100% satisfaction


1 audio track without any processing on the master channel with at least 6db of headroom, mastering is the final adjustment so deliver your best possible mix for us to work with.

Stem Mastering
Group your audio tracks in different groups (beats, bass, synths, vocals and FX) Master channel headroom of at least 6db, (some processing on individual stems/audio tracks is no problem, keep it balanced).

Mixing and mastering
All individual audio tracks without any processing on the master channel with at least 6db of headroom, process your individual tracks the way you want, keep in mind not to over do things and leave room for adjustments.

* We can export individual audio files of your project when working in Studio One, Logic Pro or Ableton, send us the complete project including the audio files, keep in mind that plugins may differ.


Feel free to drop a message for more information and guidance!

– Send us your stems or project by wetransfer or dropbox.
– We will send you a preview once the project is finished (usually 3 business days)
– Anything you’d like to revise? let us know, we want 100% satisfaction.
– Once the payment is received we will deliver you the complete files.
– Payments are done by Paypal or bank transfer.

* all prices are excluding VAT.
* additional transaction costs are for your account.
* all prices are subject to change without notification.

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